The Gastronomy Club of Epirus was founded in 2008 by the famous Gastronomer Alexandros Giotis and a group of people from Epirus with a passion and enthusiasm for researching, discovering and promoting traditional recipes, techniques and forgotten raw materials from the land of Epirus.

"The consistency in our goals, our many activities, and our willingness to cooperate with other stakeholders and organizations from all over Greece and the world helped us be recognized as an essential cultural institution in Greece and abroad."

Theodore Alexiou  

Our synergy with local producers, restaurants and other catering companies, organizations, gastronomy and wine experts in Greece and abroad gave us the opportunity to transfer new knowledge and experiences to our members and promote local production and our traditional gastronomy abroad.
Finally, our collaborations with educational and cultural institutions allow us to contribute to the formation and gastronomic development of a new generation of people who will love traditional cuisine and, through this love, will preserve all the positive elements of the old Epirus culture, openness and cosmopolitanism.

Apart from Greece, the Gastronomy Club of Epirus has collaborated with institutions and has presented Epirus Gastronomy in Albania, Kosovo, Cape Verde, Romania, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ghana etc.

Founder of the Gastronomy Club

Alexandros Giotis (1953 - November 12, 2011) was a Greek journalist, gastronomic critic, writer and one of the pioneers of free radio with participation in many similar projects in the late 80's.

He studied journalism and psychosociology in France. He then worked as a journalist for French radio in Paris and as a correspondent in Athens. At the same time he was in journalistic missions in the Sahara, Israel, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Africa, France and Greece.

Since 1983 he has worked as a gastronomic critic, food expert and scholar of culinary tradition, history and folklore. He has published books as well as articles in magazines and newspapers. He collaborated with well-known restaurants throughout Greece as a gastronomic consultant or cuisine manager, while for a short time he presented a cooking TV show on ERT. He was also one of the authors of the insert "Gastronomos" of the newspaper "Kathimerini" and was a member of the Gastronomy Club of Epirus.

The Gastronomy Club of Epirus was honored with:

Bronze Award Best City Awards 2016
for Culture and Gastronomy
second prize in Food Trekking Awards 2021
by the World Food Travel Association

distinction by the Ioannina Region Hotels Association for our contribution to the development of the area’s tourism.


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